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Shipping Container Hotel Bringing Prototype to Flower Day

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The shipping container project known as Collision Works has quietly been making progress since being announced last March. This May—on Flower Day, no less—Eastern Market will feature the first tangible results. Founded by former advertising exec Shel Kimen, Collision Works is getting ready to launch First Container, a prototype of the eventual 36-room boutique hotel and community space planned for a property right on the Dequindre Cut. Made up of just two shipping containers, First Container is just a bite-sized sampling, but it's staying on Russell Street for six months with a mission all its own. And, of course, a roof deck.

Rather than plop down a big ol' shipping container hotel and deem it a community space, First Container is a means by which Collision Works and neighbors can learn more about one another before a the main project, scheduled for completion in 2014. "It just makes sense to build a prototype. No matter what your project is," said Kimen. "The sooner you can invite people into the process the better."

So what's inside? The first container will be a "mini lobby," bringing free WiFi, comfy seating, and a stage for scheduled events. The other container will be available for businesses to use a pop-up/temporary space. We'll keep our ear to the ground on potential tenants.

For First Container to happen, Kiemen has launched a Kickstarter with the goal of raising $33,000 by April 20. The money goes towards the on-time delivery of the containers, which will be highly-visible on the corner of Russell and Wilkins. Check out the video on Kickstarter. We'll see you on Flower Day.

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