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A Round of Disc Golf Amidst the Ruined Projects of Detroit

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UPDATE: This event has been cancelled. More info here.
As one of Detroit's most awe-inspiring swaths of abandonment, the Brewster-Douglass Projects are an important part of the city's past and a frustrating part of its present. Before the complex is demolished, however, it will momentarily become something completely unique: a disc golf course.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 25. Says Facebook:
Says Facebook:

Motivated by creative opportunities for inexpensive renewal and a love for all things Motown, two young Detroiters have decided to take the 14 acre Brewster campus "as is" and implement a totally unique urban experience: a 9-hole frisbee golf course in the heart of the city.
Starting at the Brewster-Wheeler Rec Center (where Joe Louis once trained) the course's nine holes wind through the Brewster Townhouses and the Fredrick Douglass Towers. Head towards the event page for specifics.

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Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex

2700 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI