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Uncool Young Professionals Buying Ritzy Homes in the 'Burbs

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We're familiar with the story of young professionals packing the rental stock in Downtown and Midtown, but there's another side to that coin. The Freep brings us the story of that same demographic resisting Detroit's siren song, instead throwing down major cash money on homes in Macomb Township, Lathrup Village, and other far-flung suburbs. Incomprehensible, right? Many of these kids aren't happy with just any old McMansion--MTV Cribs taught them better. "They want granite in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances. They like the hardwood," says one Oakland County developer. "When they buy a house, they do not want to do any work on it at all," adds the owner of a real estate agency. "They will pay $20,000 more for granite counters." Best of luck, friends, but know there won't be a 'Burbed Detroit blog launching anytime soon.
· Young metro Detroit couples buying big, pricey starter homes [Freep]