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Capitol Park Comeback: Urban Bean's Grand Re-Opening Soon

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Photo Credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard Photography

Dormant since 2008, Urban Bean Co. is getting ready to serve coffee once more. Even if the name doesn't ring a bell, there's a solid chance you're familiar with their building. Like an orange growth latched to the side of the Griswold Parking Structure, Urban Bean's tiny footprint and transparant facade make it one of Downtown's most intriguing storefronts. With two stories of windowed seating space, Urban Bean is completing the preparations before finally reopening the doors.

Longtime Detroit resident Josh Greenwood originally founded Urban Bean in what used to be a T-shirt shop. Using whatever time he had off from the assembly line at Chrysler, Greenwood designed the store's Mid-Century Modern interior, working with Detroit-based metal fabricating company Dormouse. Unfortunately, Urban Bean's initial run was cut short by the Great Recession, locking the doors for good in November, 2008.

Four years later, Greenwood met his now-business partner Ed Siegel, who had just moved to Detroit from New York City. With Downtown's recent momentum and Capitol Park slated for renovation just a few steps away, Greenwood and Siegel have spent the last few months recreating Urban Bean Co.

"Because of the resurgence, we're reopening," says Siegel. "We're getting it ready again, dusting it off."

When Urban Bean Co. reopens Monday morning, it won't just be picking up where it left off. There are some very specific new plans. Greenwood and Siegel plan on sourcing from local businesses throughout Metro Detroit: Canella Patisserie from Hamtramck and Ferndale's Pinwheel Bakery with both see time at Urban Bean, while Zula Mae Cookies from Islandview will represent Detroit with Dutch Girl Donuts, all the way from 7 Mile. Of course, Great Lakes Coffee will supply the brew.

While there are turntables upstairs ("Consider this an open call for DJs," Siegel tells us), Urban Bean Co. will have a set entertainment schedule that's a bit a more low-key. They'll be showing Jeopardy! every night at seven-thirty. Tuesday evenings will feature a viewing of HBO cop drama The Wire at eight, while patrons can partake in High Tea on Thursday afternoons at three. WDET can be heard all day Saturday.

Located at 200 Grand River, Urban Bean Co. will open Monday morning (4-15) at seven.

200 Grand River Detroit, MI 48218