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Midtown Park Targeted For New 6-Story, 112-Unit Apt Building

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Something big is being proposed at the former Stone Pool Park on the corner of Forest Street and the Lodge Freeway in Midtown. We got this letter from a tipster in Midtown, informing neighbors that an entity called Liberty Stone LLC has submitted a proposal to purchase the park and develop its 1.94 acres into a six-story, 84,190-square-foot residential building. The development would have "ground floor commercial" with 112 housing units on the five floors above.

A little digging reveals that Detroit Recreation Department declared the park to be "surplus" on February, handing control over to the Planning and Development Department.

Also of note, the city has previously issued at least two Requests for Proposal (RFP) documents, asking interested developers to submit plans along with a minimum bid of just $200K in 2009, down from $300K in 2008. We're searching out a more recent RFP, though the 2009 version is the latest listed on the City of Detroit's website.

· 2009 RFP [City of Detroit]
· Transfer of Jurisdiction [Google Docs]