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Old Wayne County Building Could Hit the Market Soon

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Potentially up for sale in the next few months: the old Wayne County Building. Largely vacant since the county moved to the Guardian Building in '09, its owners are barred from selling due to an ongoing lawsuit. The overall situation—Wanye County suing Wayne County LP, the owners of the Wayne County Building for various reasons—is a mess of mumbo-jumbo we're not going to try and decipher. The point, dear readers, is that the building might soon be freed from the bonds of incompetence and allowed to find a new buyer. It's quite a treasure. Built between 1897 and 1902, the building contains 44,625 square feet awash in marble. Historic Detroit tells us of one more amenity potential buyers might not expect—a time capsule from 1997, meant to be opened in 100 years. Its contents include "a cell phone, Detroit Red Wings memorabilia, a Detroit People Mover token, a CD-ROM of Wayne County's Web site – and a Beanie Baby."
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Wayne County Building

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