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Archdiocese Offloads Over $3M in Downtown/Corktown Realty

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Capitol Park 2.0 has acquired its first major tenant: the Archdiocese of Detroit. That's according to the Freep, which says the Archdiocese is leasing five floors of the United Way Building and has already declared that it will be the "lead, anchor tenant" of the whole Capitol Park Historic District when it moves there next year. That's worth debating, it's also beside the point. The Archdiocese is moving in order to slim down on expenses, so the transition involves the sale of three properties—two of them major buildings downtown—netting them over $3 million.


Chancery Building - 1234 Washington
The sale of the eight-story Chancery Building could be a big deal for Washington Boulevard if the conversion to residential apartments hinted at in the Freep is for real. Built in 1926 specifically for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Detroit, the building contains offices and living quarters for the clergy working in St. Aloysius church next door, which is not being sold. Capitol Park Partnership is the buyer, and the Archdiocese hints at a conversion to residential apartments in the future.

Gabriel Richard Building - 305 Michigan Avenue
The Archdiocese was previously asking $2,750,000 for the ten-story Gabriel Richard Building, which was built in 1915 and contains about 100,000 square feet of office space. The building saw an "upgrade of the building lobby, mechanical, electrical and elevators" around 2008. There are two retail spaces on the ground floor.

1501 Sixth Street
We haven't confirmed this is the "small building in Corktown" that the Archdiocese included in its recent sale, but this is the only Corktown address we could find with their name on it, plus it is listed as being for sale. The Archdiocese directory tells us this squat building houses the organization's "printing and publications" office, and the Freep says it was picked up by a "private telecommunications firm," so perhaps a Comcast branch or something similar will open up within. It was allegedly built in 1900.
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