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Former 23-Bedroom Hotel For Sale in Downtown Hamtramck

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Not that we don't love it, but Hamtramck isn't exactly a vacation destination. That might explain why the Hamtramck Hotel isn't exactly a hotel. According to the listing, this building is "currently being used as 23 BR apartment with great managerial residence." We're not sure what that means, but it adds up to nearly 5,000 total square feet very near the bakeries, bars, and restaurants on Joseph Campau. What would you do with this one, readers? Massive party pad? Loft conversion? Whatever happens, flat roofs make great roof decks, and roof decks make great spots from which to watch the annual Labor Day Festival. The HamTel may have been more successful had it taken advantage. Price: $239,000.
· 2699 Holmes [Trulia]