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New Distillery Opening in an Eastern Market Slaughterhouse

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A new distillery is taking shape in a shabby Eastern Market storefront, reports Crain's. Founded by "seven young professionals," Detroit City Distillery scored the quintessential Eastern Market commercial space: A 2,700-square-foot former slaughterhouse on a narrow block of Riopelle Street. There will be a taste room, of course, but we're still at least a year from the grand opening and boozed-up grocery shopping. This begs the question: Will DCD have an east/west rivalry with Two James Distillery in Corktown? It'll be interesting to see how DCD's former slaughterhouse and Two James' former taxi garage match up, especially since DCD plans on having a speakeasy theme.
· Party like it's 1920: Detroit City Distillery opening in Eastern Market [Crain's]