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The Official TechTown District Plan Looks Absolutely Absurd

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[Renderings by Sasaki Associates]

These explosive images from Sasaki Associates are the official renderings of the TechTown district plan, designed in collaboration with Midtown Detroit, Inc. The idea of making TechTown a green, eco-friendly, and walkable neighborhood is a good one, but we had some questions: What in the world is going on in these renderings? How much of this will actually be implemented? And when?

Here is the answer we got from Sasaki:

The TechTown district plan paints a long term vision for the district but also provides short term, implementable strategies for creating a vibrant, mixed-use innovation district. Midtown Detroit Inc., Sasaki, and U3 Ventures are exploring the first phase of implementation with our funding partners which would focus on the plaza at Cass and Burroughs, the underpasses connecting New Center and Tech Town, a parking utilization study, and a concept plan for a shared parking deck. Looks like we'll have to wait for the next big press release before learning any specifics, like why everything is pink, or what a "collaboration cube" might be.
· Sasaki Associates [Official]