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Cadillac Square Summer Marketplace: Nonstop Food and Retail

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We've been told to expect a grand "marketplace" of sorts in Cadillac Square this summer. Organizers are now accepting vendor applications, which has given us a preview as to what might appear later this summer. What should you expect? When Cadillac Square begins hosting food markets on June 10, the square will more closely resemble a semi-permanent fairground than a weekly marketplace. We have some details, and they contain the words "Dessert District."

Starting June 10, the food market will happen every week between Monday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., until August 23. Vendors are provided a booth, signage, advertising, and refrigeration, the catch being that they're required to be serving food every moment the market is open. That's quite a commitment for any restaurant, so it'll be interesting to see who signs up. The Dessert District is just that — an area devoted to indulgent treats. We've heard rumors of a beer garden on multiple occasions, but there aren't any hints of anything happening at this point.

But that is not all!

On the 4th Fridays of June, July and August, Cadillac Square morphs into a retail market, which may or may not have a specific theme every month. It fires up at 11 a.m. every 4th Friday, running nearly all day Friday and Saturday. Organizers describe it as "an area dedicated to dynamic retailers, artists, designers, crafters, vintage/antique dealers, craft-prepared food products, and distinctive apparel, home goods, and accessory brands." Check the schedule here.
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