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One Idea for Hudson's Site Involves Massive Viewing Tower

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[START Architects]

Submissions to the "International Design Competition" to design something for the Hudson's site are due quite soon. As we type this, architects across the world are penciling the final absurdities into their renderings, being sure to include an Urban Outfitters for you-know-who. Washington, DC-based START Architects wanted to share their submission with all of us, so here she is. The idea is this: one building for residential lofts, one building for office space, and a giant tower with a restaurant on top as sort of a tourist attraction along the lines of the Seattle Space Needle. The entire ground floor of both towers is completely open, serving as a public space that includes a park, an outdoor auditorium, and room for retail. What do you think, readers? PS: Competition participants, feel free to send your submissions our way.
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