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Signs of Ilitch Arena Development Spotted Just off of Woodward

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As more and more property gets snapped up in the area across Woodward Avenue from Brush Park, rumors of a new arena—courtesy of Little Caeser's tycoon Mike Ilitch—are about to go to the next level. We mean the "Look, mini signs of development action!" level. These photos from earlier today show equipment used for environmental testing. Our tipster, an expert in architecture and development, explained that the drilling machinery seen here looks like phase two of a typical redevelopment plan for a large site in Detroit. When someone wants to build on a lot in the city, the first step is figuring out what was there previously. After that, you'll want to take soil samples to check for signs of contamination. That is what we see evidence of with these trucks, which we're told are used exclusively for that purpose and are a good indicator of development to come.

Mr. Ilitch will not comment on the arena's future location, though everything from property binging to loose lips have suggested the area just north of Downtown across I-75 will be the spot.

But why are the trucks' origin concealed with blue tape/paint? To us, this suggests some of that Ilitch sneakiness at work. Seems like Ilitchville is not ready for you all to know that they're drilling DEEPDEEP™

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