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Michael Symon To Open Burger Joint, B Spot, In Gilbertville

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The Iron Chef behind popular downtown eatery, Roast, is planning a second place in Detroit, a Burger Place dubbed B Spot. Presumably the B is for Burgers. There are already four "B Spots" in Ohio thanks to the flavor saver-sporting chef, but more importantly, B Spots are seriously in bed with Dan Gilbert real estate. (And they have not even arrived in Detroit, yet!) One of the next two Ohio locations to open will be in the Quicken Loans Arena "The Q." (Where the Gilbert-owned Cavs play in a Gilbert-owned building. Double down on the Dan!) So we're certain they're also talking to Bedrock Real Estate, owned by Gilbert, about the search for the 4,000-square-foot location mentioned in Crain's earlier today. There should be plenty o square feet available. But any bets that B goes with Z?
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