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Regency Tower Said To Be Overwhelmingly Stinky, Dangerous

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Absolute misery seems to be the new norm at Regency Tower, a 20-story apartment building in Lafayette Park. According to Motor City Muckraker, the bedbug-infested property has been essentially abandoned by its owner, St. Louis-based Kohner Properties. Unfortunately, bedbugs are just an icing on this many-layered cake of despair. "Chunks of raw meat" scattered throughout the lawn are creating an unbearable stench, but don't forget to avoid the "drug dealers, thugs and other troublemakers" who are fond of terrorizing residents in the lobby when they're not busy pilfering catalytic converters. As you might suspect, it doesn't cost a whole lot to make Regency your home: 372-square-foot studios start at $575.
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