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Detroit Institute of Bagels Knocking Out Huge Window Holes

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Like a bagel, the Detroit Institute of Bagels now has a large hole. The hole is for one of the large windows planned for the atrium-like dining/retail portion of the future bagel shop. Along with punching out windows, DIB has been hard at work constructing their new bagel kitchen in the empty lot next to PJ's Lager House. Fronted by landscaping and outdoor seating, the kitchen will have viewing windows for patrons wanting in on the bagel action. There's even more outdoor seating to come. Just to the right of this window hole, an arched entryway will be restored, allowing access to a downtown-facing patio. DIB co-founder Ben Newman recently told Curbed that he was shooting for a grand opening by late summer or early fall. While the wait has been long, DIB's design continues looking better and better.

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