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Whole Foods: Just 13 Days Until Shopping and Beer Begin

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Thirteen days! That is the amount of time remaining before the grand opening of Detroit's Whole Foods. Curbed took a peek inside, where employees were applying the finishing touches to the store's displays before inventory arrives in full. Here's a fun fact: Whole Foods' liquor license allows patrons to drink while shopping, no brown bag required. The future of grocery shopping has arrived! We can't help but hope the shopping carts have cup holders. Curbed will be on-site for the grand opening festivities come Wednesday, June 5, so remember to check back here (or follow us on the Twitter) for live updates of what's bound to be a ridiculous, pep-rally tailgate frenzy. We're told to expect a marching band.
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Whole Foods Detroit

Mack Ave and John R St., Detroit, MI 48201