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Former United Way Building Rakes in Renovation Cash

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Most of us refer to this Capitol Park building as the former United Way building. You might also know it as the Detroit Savings Bank building or, if you want to be impressively obscure, the Detroit Chamber of Commerce building (that's what the Freep went with). Whatever the name, she was Michigan's tallest building when erected in 1895, though her current claim to fame is being Detroit's oldest surviving skyscraper. The news here is that the building just scored $6M in loans from the State of Michigan for renovation costs. It's part of the three-building renovation package that we've been chirping about for over a year now. The remod involves converting the 126,000-square-foot building into 56 apartments and ground floor retail. According to the city, the building is in "excellent" condition, boasting a giant atrium visible on almost every floor.
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