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Olde Building Sold: Kahn-Designed Bank Fetches Under $1M

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The lovely Olde Building finally sold, reports Crain's. Other than a vague connection with a Southfield jewelry store, there isn't much info on the buyer or what their motives might be. We do know that that they paid just under $1M for a building once asking as much as $1.5M. Vacant since 1997, the Olde Building was built in the 1920s before seeing a series of uses, including a role in the 1994 film Renaissance Man. The building needs a ton of work, though some interior treasures (original bank vaults, marble staircase, ornate ceiling) remain relatively intact.
· Albert Kahn-designed Olde Building sold to Southfield entity [Crain's]
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Olde Building (The 751)

751 Griswold, Detroit, MI