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Midtown's Brentwood Apartments Near Completion

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There's good news for those of you on the hunt for a one-bedroom in Midtown that was recently gut-renovated and only a few doors down from the popular Bronx Bar. The owner of The Brentwood, Marc Berger, spoke to Curbed this morning and confirmed that the building is almost complete after more than a year and half of extensive renovations. He estimates that they are about 60 days from finishing construction and 90 days from starting to rent apartments out. Rates have not been set, but each apartment is about 600-700 square feet. And yes, there really are 38 of them. The facade of this building hides an incredibly long building which has a rear exit onto the Green Alley (next to the Green Garage). That makes for incredibly easy access to Motor City Brewing Works. We have yet to see the apartment interiors but will keep you posted when tours start.
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The Brentwood

487 Prentis Street, , Detroit, MI 48201