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Detroit Blight Authority Secretly Eyes Next Demo Target

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Detroit's self-anointed authority on blight has the cash to clear 15 more blocks, reports Bloomberg. Which lucky neighborhood will William Pulte put out of its misery this time? Nobody knows, of course! If our first DBA experience taught us anything, it's that blight clearance gets the most press coverage when executed like a poorly-planned surprise party. Mr. Pulte burns with the desire to demolish 13,000 homes per year, which Bloomberg unhelpfully reminds us is the equivalent tearing down Paducha, Kentucky. He's even asking the State of Michigan for permission to leave the basements of the targeted structures intact, which would save cash to be put towards more demolition. It would also turn the land into an unusable landfill, but we'll just fix that later, right? This next round of demolition is set to begin as soon as next month.
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