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Corktown Home and Garden Tour Happens on Sunday

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The 2013 Corktown Home and Garden Tour happens this Sunday, giving everyone the opportunity explore Detroit's oldest surviving neighborhood by bike or bus. While "home and garden tour" might sound like there's a residential focus, this year's tour includes all sorts of local landmarks and businesses. Of the 16 tour stops, there are 9 historic homes built between 1840 and the early-1900s. Additional diversions abound: A retail/artist fair at the Gaelic League, a vintage baseball game at old Tiger Stadium (Walker Tavern Wheels versus the Rochester Grangers), and Michigan Central Station's new collection of rosebushes are all on the agenda. Tickets are $15 and go on sale 9AM Sunday at the Gaelic League. Check out the deets on the corresponding Facebook page.
· Corktown Historical Home and Garden Tour [Facebook]