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Detroit Too Scared To Fine Moroun For MCS Windows

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The Atlantic Cities has joined Detroit in wondering why Michigan Central Station continues its maddening window tease. For those not up to date, the current window count is at FIVE. Interestingly enough, the Atlantic spoke with Marcell Todd, Detroit's director of city planning, who revealed that the station owner Matty Moroun never pulled the permits needed to install the windows in the first place. (See update below) Building without a permit is pretty far down the list of Matty's misdeeds, but Mr. Todd goes on to say that the city won't fine Moroun for his violation because no one wants to "ruffle any feathers." Heaven forbid anyone ruffle Moroun's ancient feathers! That could make him do something awful to Detroit, like hold up the construction of a critical international trade crossing for years, or maybe even allow others to use his land to line the Detroit River with industrial waste. How terrible would that be? Check out the new window pics at the Atlantic Cities.
UPDATE, 6/1/13: According to an email from Mark Byrnes of The Atlantic Cities, the City of Detroit now claims Moroun did apply for permits in 2011 for "basic roof and window work," though they offer no specific overall plans.
· Detroit's Famously Decaying Old Train Station Has 5 New Windows and No One Knows Why [Atlantic Cities]

Michigan Central Station

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