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Someone Wired Wayne County $142K To Save Masonic Temple

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Despite the Masonic Temple's mismanaged, financially hopeless situation, the Masons have hit the jackpot. An anonymous donor has stepped in, wiring Wayne County the balance of the Masonic's massive tax bill--$142,000. Perhaps the county can upgrade to Premium Checking now? As everyone knows, the official sport of Detroit is bouncing one's properties through the tax auction to scrub them of back taxes. That's because the vast majority of foreclosures involve properties that owe more than they're worth, guaranteeing no one will touch them in the auction's first round. That's not the case with this beast, which looms large over Ilitch Arena Country and could fetch a premium price. OR—conspiracy time—perhaps it WAS the Ilitch people who paid off the debt. Who knows? We're talking about massive, cultish castle being paid off by a billionaire pizza tycoon. Anything is possible, right?
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