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Is Atlas Global Bistro Ditching Midtown for Downtown?

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Remember all the way back in November, when evidence appeared that Midtown, Inc was itching to begin work at the former Agave restaurant? The plans were very dramatic, with studio apartments upstairs, an outdoor feasting deck, a huge addition, and remodeled restaurant space below. Later, it became rumor-fact that Atlas Global Bistro would eventually inhabit that new restaurant space. Things aren't so clear now: Atlas Global Bistro's current lease expires in a few weeks, yet detectable work has yet to begin at the old Agave. That leaves a few possibilities, two of which are: 1) Atlas is on a very long hiatus until the Agave is complete, or 2) Eat it Detroit is correct, and Bedrock is seducing Atlas into moving downtown. If you didn't catch it, the Detroit News just reported twelve Woodward Avenue storefronts already have development agreements in place. Could Atlas Global Bistro be one of them?
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