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CANCELLED: Disc Golf Course at Brewster-Douglass Foiled

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Last week, we wrote about a disc golf event planned for May 25 at the historic Brewster Douglass Projects. Unfortunately, the event has officially been cancelled. We've been in touch with event organizer Paddy Lynch, who asked us to help get the word out. Here's his explanation of the cancellation:

Friends, et al: after a very lengthy and friendly conversation with Kelley Lyons, Executive Director of the Detroit Housing Commision, Ryan and I are cancelling the event. Due to the utterly surprising amount of support and large number of potential participants (for which we are very grateful), the DHC is simply unable to grant a permit for such a large gathering.

As we all know, if resources were stronger, nobody would have access to the property and the abandoned buildings would have been demolished long ago. Fortunately, according to Kelley, demolition plans are falling into place very quickly, and sooner than later, the Brewster-Douglass property should be transformed into something we can all celebrate. For all those drawn to this event because they want to reinvigorate unused urban space, please continue to make creative, inclusive, community-driven efforts to do so. (Don't just photograph it, use it!). For all you disc golfers who wanted to play the most awesome course ever (Ryan and I played it the other day and it was awesome), please know we will continue to look for safe, unused urban space to implement another course. Lastly, for anyone we may have offended with the creation of this event, please accept our heartfelt apologies. We simply wanted to take a blighted area and for one day implement something fun, inexpensive, and community-oriented, that also demands a lot of space. In no way did we wish to disrespect the history of the place or the people who once lived there. Just the opposite. May 25th will still be a great day in Detroit! · A Round of Disc Golf Amidst the Ruined Projects of Detroit [Curbed Detroit]

Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex

2700 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI