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Demo Permit Issued, Charlevoix Could Fall Early Next Week

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These are the final days of Hotel Charlevoix. Owner Ralph Sachs was issued a demolition permit on April 30, meaning the building could be toppled as early as Monday, the Detroit News reports. It also quotes Sach's attorney, Paul Swanson, who presents an argument far shakier than the Charlevoix itself: "He's been robbed blind. City officials didn't stop that," says Swanson. "That obviously could have gone a long way in saving the building." That means a lot, coming from the kind of lawyer who proudly includes "dog bites" on his list of specializations. Nathan Ford, director of the city's Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department, tells the News that three other buildings are on his demo radar: the Wurlitzer, the Metropolitan, and one mystery building. Any guesses?
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Hotel Charlevoix

2029 Park Ave, Detroit, MI