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Stella's New Look Salvaged From a Century-Old Home

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[Photography by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

The Fisher Building's legendary lobby is now even more impressive. Renovations are complete at the former Stella International Cafe, now rebranded as Stella Good Coffee. We're confident in almost any design featuring reclaimed wood, but there's something special in knowing exactly where it came from. Deconstructed by Reclaim Detroit, 2644 Cadillac Boulevard lives on inside the cafe, its 150-year-old lumber lining the counter and bar tops. The marble floor is also somewhat reclaimed—it's the building's original, and was found under inches of concrete. Continuing the new-old-things theme, some familiar eateries—Avalon, Traffic Jam and Snug, Russell Street Deli—will be featured on Stella's new menu. The grand opening: Tuesday, May 21.
· Reclaim Detroit [Official]