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Pristine Rivertown Loft in Rivertown Belongs on a Sitcom

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A former pharmaceutical warehouse converted to lofts in '89, the Lofts at Rivertown have had years to diverge in style. Being a corner unit with exposed everything, this one is so quintessential "loft," it needs only some vintage furniture and whimsical clutter to become the backdrop for a quirky sitcom. Inside: Two bedrooms (actual bedrooms, not loft "bedrooms"), two bathrooms, 1,626 square feet. A truckload of windows, exposed brick, and a hardwood floor with some wider planks than you'd usually see. Outside: Pool, two covered parking spots, Belle Isle. Rent: $1,650.
· 6533 E. Jefferson #301J [Loft Warehouse]

Lofts at Rivertown

6533 East Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48207