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New "Urban Pet Shoppe" Finds a Spot in Eastern Market

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

Cass Corridog may have cornered Midtown's pet apparel market, but Eastern Market's pampered pooches have a place all their own. After remodeling a vacant storefront on Riopelle Street, 3 Dogs 1 Cat 4 Detroit quietly opened just a few weeks ago, offering a larger variety of pet supplies than anyone needs, ever. But those of us not all that excited about pet supplies still must admit that this interior is very well-designed, leaving exposed finishes and restoring some old coolers left behind by the previous tenant (a butcher) as display shelving. The store also happens to be just a couple doors down from the future home of Detroit City Distillery, scheduled to open in about a year. 3 Dogs 1 Cat 4 Detroit is currently open Tuesday-Friday (10-2:30) and Saturday (8-5).
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