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GAR Castle's Restored Entryway Is Now Glassy and Classy

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The GAR Building's restored front entrance is complete! Remember when this used to be a wall of graffitied plywood? The new entryway replaces what used to be a decaying set of windows. Progress on the GAR continues as workers are replacing the building's window holes with massive sheets of glass weighing hundreds of pounds. The building is set to house two new restaurants in the future: an unnamed, '50s-themed diner and a tavern called The Republic. According to the G.A.R. Blog, the building's ground floor will be awash in natural light, with "a couple dozen" new 8' x 8' windows set to be installed. Check out more photos of the castle at its official blog.
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The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226