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Beach Bar and Grille Appearing Near Campus Martius Sandbox

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The place-making continues! Beachus Martius is apparently building a new restaurant right now. Look out the window, Compware/Qube/First Natty/1001 Woodward employees: See that deck near the sand? Are there workers building something there? There should be, but our window overlooks a Corktown parking lot so who knows. Upon that deck shall appear Beach Bar and Grille, with seating for eighty and food in the taco/sandwich realm. BBG plans to open daily at 11 a.m., but the real time of importance is 2 p.m., when BBG gets the deck a-rockin' with $3-$4 beer/cocktails. BBG should be ready for action later this week, so keep an eye out. Note: This is the actual photo used by the Campus Martius website.
· Beach Bar and Grille opening in Campus Martius [Crain's]