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Relax at Kresge Court, the DIA's Comfy New Living Room

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[Photography by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

The Detroit Institute of Arts has long been one of the country's best art museums, but its latest efforts are aimed at becoming Midtown's best casual hangout spot. The DIA's Kresge Court is a huge, sun-drenched courtyard with walls displaying an array of architectural styles. After a $268K ArtPlace grant, Patrick Thompson Design has transformed Kresge into a "cultural living room" meant to be a new gathering spot for Midtown. There's a variety of furniture representing several design eras, and, unlike Starbucks, the DIA has electrical outlets galore and they'd love it if you came just to use the WiFi. Food and coffee are readily available. The DIA's efforts do not stop with the new living room, however. Starting in July, the building's south lawn will feature "community-based programs, local food trucks and other outdoor activities."
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