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County Might Spend $150K Learning About Overspending

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Yes, the private bathrooms, tablets, and balconies have been nixed. And yes, the jail's prisoner capacity has been reduced to 2,000, negating much of the savings used to justify the new jail in the first place. But you know what they say about getting back up on that horse, so everyone is still intent on building something. According to the Detroit News, the Wayne County Building Authority might spend $150,000 for a consultant to tell them why things are $91M over budget, which seems self-explanatory. Downtown billionaire Dan Gilbert is interested in the property, but he's certainly no Get Out Of Jail Free Card ($100M has already been spent on the project) and negotiations are currently "stalled." So a jail we shall have. Nothing stops Detroit!
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Fail Jail

Gratiot at St Antoine, Detroit, MI