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Detroit Inching Towards Becoming One Big Auto Storage Depot

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Red Alert! The map above shows off all the existing parking lots in Corktown Detroit. As local blogger Bartleby the Scrivener points out, many are left over from the days when the Tigers MLB baseball team played at Tigers Stadium (demo'd in 2009). So do five more parking spots really make a difference? That was the debate at the Corktown Citizens District Council last Monday afternoon. On the one hand, this part of Wabash has been called "the most challenged block in Corktown, due mainly to the presence of a very well-known drug dealer who moved in around 2008." Yikes. On the other, isn't this whole place just slowly slipping into one giant surface parking lot? Someone or something has to put a stop to it. But that did not happen Monday. Five more parking spots were added.
· Parking Wars [ Bartleby the Scrivener Live Journal]