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Fed Reserve Loses Rooftop Structure, Bulletproof Antechamber

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Even since Bedrock dropped the renderings of the Federal Reserve Building, we've one major question: What exactly is planned for the building's rooftop? The renderings depict people hanging out up there, possibly amidst some sort of rooftop garden. There are no answers yet, but one thing is certain: the rooftop people weren't just a gimmick meant to jazz up the rendering -- something is definitely going on up there. The frontmost portion of that rooftop structure is now just a frame. Even if the roof just ends up being a terrace, let's hope its publicly accessible. We promise not to spit off of it.

But that is not all. The Yamasaki-designed portion of the Fed has lost its brown, bulletproof antechamber. Slow but steady, the Fed's renovation is definitely one of the city's more interesting projects to keep an eye on.

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Federal Reserve Building

160 W. Fort St. , Detroit , MI 48226