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Hotel Charlevoix Says Goodbye, Park Ave Building Worrisome

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What better way to kick off Hotels Week than with the following fact: Hotel Charlevoix, one of Detroit's oldest surviving hotels, ceased to exist at about 7:45 a.m. yesterday. Demo crews had spent much of the previous day weakening the Charlevoix's western side; only a slight nudge was needed for the 108-year-old structure to collapse in on itself. Are you ready for a brand new gravel lot, Detroit? Now that the Charlevoix is in hotel heaven, attention turns to the Park Avenue Building just next door. Though we haven't been able to confirm it, we're told it shares the same unfortunate owner: Ralph Sachs. It's currently for lease for the sum of $2,031,300/year. Keep in mind, this is a building missing most of its windows, especially after losing several during the Charlevoix's demo. According to a nearby parking attendant, the workers on the demo crew claimed they'd be back in November to tear down the Park Avenue Building.

Here's the aftermath of the demolition. FYI, those yellow bricks are surprisingly heavy -- that parked car they fell on in 2012 probably sustained some serious damage.

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Hotel Charlevoix

2029 Park Ave, Detroit, MI