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Detroit's Best Lobby is at the Run-Down Leland Hotel

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We're a little bit obsessed with the Leland Hotel, which has somehow clung to life since the 1920s. Its continuous occupation has kept its wonderful lobby intact. The more adventurous of you readers might know the Leland for City Club, the building's infamous first-floor party spot (or Labyrinth in the basement). But the Leland is far more than partying, as it was once a favorite hangout of the Purple Gang and various other mobsters. We're in love with the lobby's ornate plasterwork and crazy-high ceilings, which can be viewed from the in-lobby bar. The Leland hangs on today as a bottom-of-the-barrel apartment building, renting rooms on a month-to-month basis. Unfortunately, our love for the Leland has not been reciprocated, and we weren't permitted an extensive photo shoot.

· The Leland Hotel [Historic Detroit]