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It's Always Happy Hour in this North Corktown Party Pad

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[Photography by John Nathan Urbanek]

The listing claims this house is "great for entertaining." That might be an understatement. With bar seating and a built-in beer tap, this house is looking to party. It's not surprising -- we're told the home was built on top of what used to be an infamous Briggs speakeasy.

The three-bedroom home is a humble 1,452 square feet, but look to the deck, patio, and front porch to provide ample outdoor space in the warmer months. Don't think we're dismissing the interior, however. Reclaimed hardwood floors are always a plus, and the bedrooms and living spaces all look spacious. The kitchen bar is certainly no dive -- the cabinets and counters are custom. Though it has that classic Corktown vibe, you're actually looking at a relatively new house. Built in 2005 by the Greater Corktown Development Company, it was one of 29 houses the non-profit erected in the North Corktown/Briggs neighborhood. What's not to like?Ask: $135,000.
· Listing: 3335 Cochrane [RealComp]