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The Top 10 Quotes From An Epic Evening At the Leland

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The Leland Hotel's 80-year stint as an actual hotel came to an end sometime within the last few years, which is disappointing as it means no more incredible reviews like this one. As it might be the longest hotel review in history, we're counting down the top-ten quotes from this epic Trip Advisor tale of some unsuspecting twenty-somethings in town to catch a lions game. Here's a taste.
10: "At every floor there was a 50-gallon drum garbage can overflowing with trash of dirty diapers and biohazard level waste."

9: "My shower was inexplicably scalding hot..."

8: "I saw the several large broken pieces of plaster, which had hours earlier been a 3 by 1 foot section of the archway to the door...My friend's head was nearly crushed while he slept by a piece of the ceiling..."

7: "The room was nothing special...a flimsy table with two chairs and a TV that only got one channel and no way to adjust the volume (no remote)."

6: "If you have a weak heart or are easily spooked, I DO NOT recommend taking the stairs. Graffiti tagged walls and dimly lit wells made this an experience in its self."

5: "My buddy and I entered a chasm of a room with no lights filled with old furniture, drapes and large machines."

4:"Our room was on the 10th floor, but for some reason the elevator stopped at the fourth to reveal a dingy hallway with no carpet and paint-splattered walls in a dimly lit hallway."

3: "I waded through a pool or water in the entryway and found my way up the steps to the lobby."

2: "After waiting for a few minutes for some rif-raf to cash their paychecks I was greeted with a friendly smile and, "Hi, we don't have any water."

1: "Anyone ever seen scooby-doo? Well, I was feeling a lot like Shaggy at his point."