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Massive New Warehouse Happening on 24 Contaminated Acres

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Have you noticed that large swath of contaminated land just south of New Center? Well, we didn't either. Starting at Marquette and going south to the train tracks, we're looking at all the land between 12th and Trumbull. Once an industrial area, it's now a field of decaying buildings, contamination, and who knows what else. But it has a future! Fortune 500 company Cardinal Health just got the state's approval for their final round of tax credits, meaning they're greenlighting a cleanup of the property followed by the construction of an enormous, $30M medical warehouse covering 24 acres. You know, just the biggest building ever.

The warehouse is part of Henry Ford Health System's massive plan for revitalizing 300 acres just south of its main campus in New Center, an area that's definitely seen better days. Henry Ford has been buying up property down there since 2007 -- this warehouse is actually 80 separate parcels combined. The development is expected to bring over 100 jobs from Romulus to Detroit. No word on when construction will start quite yet.

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