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June on Jefferson, the Perfect Mixture of Pop-Ups, Design, Beer

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

If you haven't checked out June on Jefferson yet, this is the weekend to do so. For the unfamiliar, we're talking about the month-long collection of pop-up businesses at the intersection of Jefferson and Chalmers. The event brilliantly adds another dimension to the usual pop-up routine: Design. Armed with a tiny budget, teams of designers and architecture students were unleashed on century-old storefronts. To spell it out plainly, you've got food, merchandise, and and an art gallery housed in some incredible design. Head there this Saturday to add Biergarden and the sausage-peddling food truck Grindhouse to the mix.

The objective of June on Jefferson is to spur business along a close-knit strip of storefronts with a month of shopping/art/dining action. The activity is focused on the weekends, this coming weekend being the third of four. The Urban Priorities Comittee of AIA-Detroit teamed up with the Jefferson East Business Association to make it happen.
Participants include Midtown grocer Goodwells, pop-up veteran Coffee and (_____), D:Hive, Myra's Sweet Tooth, River's Edge Gallery, and the Fairview Historical Society.
· June on Jefferson [Official]
· Urban Priorities Committee [AIA Detroit]

D:hive Welcome Center

1253 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226