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Live in a Former Elementary School, Party on its Roof Deck

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As always, we're big fans of repurposed municipal buildings, and we'll be damned if we're not in one of the best cities for finding those very structures. Here we have the Leland Lofts, converted from a 1920s elementary school. Feast your eyes on the school's original cabinetry and wood floors, as well as a fantastic roof deck from which to stare at the Mies van der Rohe architecture across the street. Included is a new kitchen with granite and a living room with gigantic windows. Perhaps best of all, Lafayette Park is just a minute's walk away. The details are as follows: Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and 1,000 total square feet. Rent: $1,450/month.
· Listing: 1395 Antietam #33 [Loft Warehouse]