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Downtown Might Have Another Parking Garage on the Way

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The Detroit-Wayne Building Authority would like to build a new parking garage downtown, please. They're the fellas who own/operate the Coleman A Young Municipal Center, so don't be surprised that they're craving a parking lot for that very building. They're eyeing a 47-space surface lot on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Street as the garage's future location. That's some valuable real estate, but it's probably worth it: "With a deck immediately adjacent to the building, you could access the building without even going outside," says the authority's executive director, even though that feat is very possible today from the Millender Center or any of the parking garages with People Mover access. The new parking structure would be eight stories tall and provide space for 580 cars.
· Detroit, Wayne County considering parking structure for municipal center [Crain's]