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Spend Some Dough Renting This Glorious Midtown Loft

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Getting a freshly-restored loft in Midtown means you're paying for/living within the cream of Detroit's housing crop. The lofts known as 55 W Canfield are just that. We found two of those units currently on the market (this one and this one), both one-bedrooms asking just south of $160K. Sound a bit expensive? At $1,400/month, renting doesn't make it all that much cheaper. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom loft has 890 square feet and an uncountable number of windows. It definitely beats the last rentable loft we featured in this building, which was slightly cheaper ($1,150/month) but far less charming. Also included: the coveted private garage, a feature much more alluring during the winter months. Oh, and don't forget: 55 Canfield now has its own yoga studio on the ground floor.
· Listing: 55 W Canfield #301 [Loft Warehouse]
· 55 W Canfield [Official]