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Bing Decides Old Police HQ Should Probably Be Demolished

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The symbolic ribbon shredded to bits by several pairs of novelty scissors, Detroit's new Public Safety Headquarters (DPSH) officially opened over the weekend. In an otherwise cheerful event, Mayor Bing unexpectedly dropped a bit of a bomb, saying that 1300 Beaubien — the Detroit Police Department's original headquarters near Greektown — would probably have to be demolished. Wait, what? The building Bing is referring to was built in 1923, designed by Albert Kahn as one of the most advanced municiple buildings in the world. Don't get us wrong — it's apparently a roach-infested dump inside — but that's the result of the city failing to perform basic maintenance, not some sort of building inadequacy. The architecture itself is terrific. We were under the impression that the building would be put up for sale, like the former fire department headquarters. What's changed?
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1300 Beaubien

1300 Beaubien St, Detroit, MI 48226