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X Games in Detroit? ESPN Announces Winning City Next Week

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The wait is nearly over! Sometime "early next week," ESPN is expected to unveil which of the finalist cities — Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago, or Austin — will play host to the X Games. Detroit's bid has been a scrappy one, often lead by volunteer efforts aimed at conveying Detroit's love for extreme sports in extreme settings. There's a skate park in the Brewster Douglass Projects, a BMX circuit in an overgrown lot nearby—even the bid's official video involves a Ford Focus zooming around windowless Michigan Central Station. We'll have the official decision the moment it comes down. For the moment, gaze at the windows of the Madison Building, where Skidmore Studio has erected a backlit sign with the the official hashtag of Detroit's bid, #XG2D.

The M@dison

1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226