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This 1891 Mansion's Upper Floors are a Breathtaking Condo

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Another one of the city's extravagant mansions has a gargantuan condo available on its top two floors. For $1,995/month, residents get three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a vast plain of original wood flooring. The Queen Anne architecture might scream "Brush Park," but this one is actually on Ferry Street in Art Center, just a couple blocks from the DIA. Residents will need a solid collection furniture just to properly fill out the main floor, let alone the "ballroom" upstairs. Couch concerns aside, the unit contains granite countertops, a jacuzzi in the master bath, a two-car garage, and a lofty balcony off the top floor.
UPDATE: The condo is also for sale, with an ask of $355K.

· Listing: 263 E Ferry [The Loft Warehouse]