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Strange Activity Spotted at the Brewster-Douglass Projects

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There's action at the Brewster-Douglass Projects, where a tipster noticed several cars and a tanker truck parked near the low-rises yesterday, an area usually inaccessible to vehicles thanks to cement roadblocks. Says our tipster: "The guy who seemed to be on watch said they were doing some clean up work while getting ready to demolish them. They appeared to be doing work in the towers as well as the townhouses." Mayor Bing is always announcing that the wrecking ball is on the way, but official demolition plans for Brewster-Douglass have never been released. Anyone have any intel? Are the projects inching towards oblivion, or are these simply some enterprising scrappers?

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Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex

2700 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI