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Tiger Stadium Not Turning Into Parade Float Storage Area

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Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) noisemaker George Jackson is doing what he does best — yell incoherently about Tiger Stadium. Jackson's latest yell is about how the Tiger Stadium Conservancy has sunk his latest development plan by failing to release the $3.8 earmark the conservancy controls, claiming they won't accept any idea that doesn't preserve the field's original dimensions. The only defined part of Jackson's plan involved selling the outfield to The Parade Company (the nonprofit throwing all of Detroit's parades), which would then use the Conservancy's earmark (plus another $12M it would somehow raise) to build a new headquarters and warehouse to store its nightmarish parade supplies. We'd also get a "row of retail stores" that someone would build, somehow. Unfortunately for Jackson, he forgot the golden rule of Detroit development PR: If you want people to take your vague, unfunded plans seriously, you must AT LEAST provide a pretty rendering.
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Tiger Stadium

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